There are many ways of expressing love. Our Love collection offers a wealth of loving choices that are sure to put smiles on faces and kisses on lips.

What little thing could make that special someone see, remember and feel your affection for one another? Who can make that feeling spread all the way from the heart and into a smile? Our Love Hoptimists can! The collection offers everything from affectionate Hoptimists bearing loving messages, to pretty glitter globes with little red hearts flickering around like a whirlwind romance. And new products are being added all the time, because love needs nurturing.

Baby Love Bimble

Plastic / 9 cm


Baby Love Bumble

Plastic / 9,5 cm


Love Glitter Globe

Glass / 10 cm


Bride & Groom

Plastic / 6,5 cm


Bride & Bride

Plastic / 6,5 cm


Groom & Groom

Plastic / 6,5 cm