Smiles are infectious, and so is Christmas cheer. Hoptimist’s nice little Christmas baubles are sure to add an extra touch of humour to the chilly season.

Father Christmas, a snowman and a reindeer. Shiny baubles and soft silk ribbons. How Christmassy is that? These are cute little smiles for you to hang on your Christmas tree or in the window, or to use as a cute table decoration. The little Christmas baubles are just 4 cm in circumference, but the enjoyment is by no means diminished. On the contrary, this set of three cheery baubles will be a source of delight wherever they put in an appearance – and they are equally suitable as a hostess gift, in the Danish Christmas party game pakkeleg, as an Advent gift, or as a mandelgave (almond gift) for whoever finds the whole almond in the Christmas rice pudding!