Mother's Day

She is always ready to help. On Mother’s Day, it is mom’s turn to be waited on and pampered.

It is important to express your happiness and gratitude for having the best mom in the world. Mother’s Day is the day when flowers and gifts symbolise the expression of love to someone you sometimes take for granted. These splendid Love Hoptimists help you put your love into words and will gladly bounce even more for your mom.

With unbridled emotions – and a heart painted on the middle of their cheek – and a face exuding sweet declarations of love, these white Love Hoptimists can express six different messages: Best mom, Best dad, I love you, Be mine, Miss you and Get well. You can also write your own personal greeting with a marker pen.

Baby Love Bimble

Plastic / 9 cm


Love Glitter Globe

Glass / 10 cm