Smiles are infectious and make us feel welcome. Here, you get a greeting that sets off a veritable avalanche of happy smiles.

The Hoptimists welcome guests to Denmark with a number of bouncing symbols representing the world’s happiest country. From the Queen’s proud guards, mighty Vikings and happy Rooligans to the Birthday Boy or Girl waving our beautiful flag. What all of them have in common are the colours red and white. They remind us of our shared heritage and take tourists back to their lovely stay in the far north, where a smile is contagious and community creates unity. The national symbols are ready to be scattered to the winds, paving the way for happy Danishness to inspire others.

Roligan Denmark

Plastic / 22 cm


Baby Roligan Denmark

Plastic / 9,5 cm


Baby Birthday

Plastic / 9,5 cm



Plastic / 16,5 cm


Baby Viking

Plastic / 9,5 cm


Danish Guardsman



Mini Denmark Christmas Ornaments

Glass / Ø: 4 cm / 3 pcs.