In the early 1960s, Conny Brozek created a piece of Danish design that, for all its simplicity, went global. We are now relaunching this success story, and in Kinetic we have taken it a step further.

The fascination is the same. Now, just like back then, it gets people’s fingers wiggling. You are drawn in by the idea that one movement creates the next. Thin springs and shiny balls in a silent, elegant intermezzo. Astounding weightlessness in a universe without end. With Kinetic, we have simplified the original to create almost iconic calm. A stylised look with just 13 uniform balls, each on its own spring. All with exclusive chrome plating, reflecting the room and making each particular mobile utterly unique.

With its slender, 18-cm base, the total height of the Kinetic mobile is 40 cm.

Material: Metal
Size: H: 42 cm