What delightful hustle and bustle

Getting ready for Christmas can take most people's breath away. There are presents to buy, decorations to put up, cleaning to do, baking, preserving, boiling and cooking. But it's important to keep your sights set on joy.

Wherever there's joy, there are Christmas Hoptimists. Cute sizes with Santa hats and proper Santa beards. Dainty reindeer and dinky snowmen. All uniting to remind you what it's all about. Inner joy. That sudden smile. And you'll find renewed energy to pursue all your preparations again.

Let the Christmas Hoptimists be a natural part of the joy of Christmas. Use them as a table decoration, as a joyful welcome in the hallway – and hang these beautiful Christmas Hoptimist baubles on the Christmas tree or in the window. With a choice of different, trendy Christmas colours, you can select the perfect shade for your home.

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