The joyful spring colours of Easter

Easter is a harbinger of spring: Chicks are hatching, cute lambs are frolicking around and the Easter bunny is hiding its Easter eggs in the garden.

Yellow daffodils herald a refreshing burst of new energy. The long winter must give way to light and optimism. Easter is the festival of spring where we get together with family and friends around a beautifully laid table decorated for Easter.

Cute chicks, busy bunnies and curly-haired Easter lambs are the traditional symbols of this festival. Enhance a happy Easter atmosphere with these small Easter Hoptimists and spread joy among your expectant guests.

The bright yellow Chick has an orange beak, which Chuck outdoes with a cockscomb. Bunny is available in white, grey, yellow and pink, while the sweet Lambert the lamb comes in white, grey and now pink as well.

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