A Hoptimist shakes the gift bag and conjures up the Christmas classic of all Christmas classics: The Snow Globe! A sure-fire Christmas hit exuding nostalgia.

Let Yuletide peace flutter down as gently as snow over the cutest snowman and the red-nosed Rudolph – or watch the angels dancing in the sky. We know them from our happy childhood Christmases, and now snow globes are available with a contemporary twist, with cute Christmas Hoptimists inside. It’s impossible to keep your hands off them. Just as the Hoptimists are always waiting for a gentle nudge, these snow globes are ever poised for the next shake.

As a winter decoration on your desk, sideboard or simply as a gift from the heart, the Hoptimist delights everyone, young and old. Priced at €39.95 each, the globes almost guarantee hypnotic Yuletide peace.

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