Kissing a frog is said to bring good luck. We’ve made it more tempting by introducing a pair of happy frogs in the shiniest of chrome.

Hoptimists stand for smiles, joy and optimism. So faith, hope and love are also part of the package when you give the happy figure a little nudge – or a kiss. Whether or not the frog conceals a prince or princess is up to you. The classic Kvak frogs are now available in an exclusive chrome version with a brass crown, either as Prince Kvak or Princess Kvik. So kiss away and wish for the very best for yourself, the child being christened, the couple getting married, the young person being confirmed, or the student about to go it alone.

Kiss a frog and get a prince or princess. The price is € 44,95 for either Prince Kvak or Princess Kvik.

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