1960s design – never out of fashion

Simple, iconic styles have continued to define the modern, style-conscious home. The Conny Brozek Collection marks the relaunch and continued evolution of a 1960s Danish design classic. Conny Brozek (1934–2006) was one of the big names in interior design in the 1960s. His styling was in keeping with the spirit of the times – rounded, dynamic shapes, with plastic as a new material giving him free rein to shape, bend and colour his designs in a refreshing, new way.

With his Atomic desktop mobile, Brozek demonstrated inquisitive playfulness with materials, shape and movement which came to be recognised all over the world. The Atomic mobile was produced until 1970 and consists of a number of balls mounted on a tall, slender base using swaying springs. Minimalist and yet unruly; calm, yet in motion. We have relaunched and further developed the original mobile – Kinetic is the simplified version with a more stylised look.

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