How it all started

Before the Hoptimists saw the light of day, the Danish wood turner Hans Gustav Ehrenreich tinkered in his workshop at his house on Århusvej in Stilling.

It was the late 1950s, and in Ehrenreich’s small workshop, there was no shortage of imagination. No two things were ever alike. Small silver fish were inlaid in hand-turned bowls and dishes, and one-off pieces of utility art in wood types from all around the world were sold from the workshop.

The first prototypes

In the late 1960s, Ehrenreich created the first prototypes for Birdie, Bimble and Bumble.

Soon, Ehrenreich and his Hoptimists had become too well-known for production to continue in his small workshop. The rest of the story has become part of Danish design history.


In 1968, Ehrenreich began producing mobiles – the famous Birdies.

Later, he introduced Bimble and Bumble as well as Kvak, the frog. Ehrenreich participated in several international craft exhibitions, receiving honours both at home in Denmark and abroad.

Photos from Stilling in 1968