The Hoptimists in wood belong to the exclusive family of Hoptimists

Our wooden Hoptimists in oak, smoked oak and walnut are all assembled by hand. Some people call them supermodels; others think they’re classics with a little more class.

The wooden Hoptimists are Danish design of the highest quality and are available in different varieties and several types of precious wood. All wood used in the Hoptimist production is from sustainable forestry. 

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The oak comes from certified European forests, and the natural material gives each Hoptimist its own individual and unique expression – dive into a universe of quality and joy!

Traditional Danish craftsmanship

We want to keep traditional Danish craftsmanship alive.

The Hoptimists are custom-made in Denmark, passing through many skilled hands before a quality product reaches the hand of you, the consumer.

Watch the video to see how we do it.

The cabinetmaker’s dream

Hans Gustav Ehrenreich, who came up with the Hoptimists in the 60s, started out as a cabinetmaker.

From the outset, his greatest wish was to make the Hoptimists in wood, but the technology of the time ruled this out.

Things have moved on since then, and we have now teamed up with one of the top manufacturers and experts in the Danish timber industry, who can make Ehrenreich’s dream come true.

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Ehrenreich's final Hoptimist

The Giraffe from 1972 was the last Hoptimist Ehrenreich designed.

Unlike the earlier Hoptimists, the design is not based around a circle and an ellipse. The Hoptimist is more realistic and resembles three giraffes in silhouette.

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Woody Birdie

Birdie was the first Hoptimist Gustav Ehrenreich designed in 1968

In 2012, the bird was reinterpreted in oak with aluminium wings and tail. The little bird, which bobs on a thin spring, comes in two sizes and is the perfect adornment for any desk or windowsill. Woody Birdie comes in oak and dark walnut.

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