Spreading joy to your customers

Put joy on the agenda and enrich your company with smiles

Spread Danish (h)optimism to the desktops of the world. No matter what your nationality, the Hoptimists have the desired effect – they produce a smile and maybe a little laughter.

The design is original. In fact, it dates back to 1968 – and just like back then, the Hoptimists are produced in Denmark, with every single figure assembled by hand. The wooden Hoptimists are Danish craftsmanship. Made of majestic oak with a touch of wengé, they exude the Scandinavian touch that we as a nation are renowned for worldwide.

Regardless of the model or material, this gift is unique – just like the cooperation, the work, the values or the keywords you want the recipient of the Hoptimist to be reminded of.

A faithful ambassador

A Hoptimist creates joy and strong relationships

With a joy bringer on the desk, fun ideas, lasting relationships and good results are within easier reach.

Hoptimist celebrates positive thinking and is itself a symbol of three strong values: optimism, joy and a belief in possibilities – values that everyone can relate to and usually wishes to be associated with.

A Hoptimist is a lasting gift that spreads joy wherever it ends up. It can be coupled with a host of your own values, perspectives on a task, the theme of a seminar, etc.

The message becomes even more effective once the Hoptimist has moved onto the customer’s desk, where it becomes a constant reminder of the joys of the cooperation you enjoy, for example. We would go so far as to claim that Hoptimists are Denmark’s happiest gift.

Your options

Put your company’s mark on a Danish classic

You can choose how you want to share Danish design with your partners, customers or staff.

As production takes place in Denmark, we are incredibly flexible and are often able to respond even to short deadlines.

As a company, you have the option of:

  • changing the Hoptimist’s colour composition according to your company profile*
  • adding a logo or monogram*
  • developing special packaging, possibly with the addition of your company material*

* These customisation options depend on quantity.

Companies that have become smiles richer

We are proud that that the Hoptimist helps spread joy among companies worldwide – good relationships start with a smile