Medium Bumble

Plastic / 10 cm


Small IQ Bimble (Oak)

Wood / 7 cm


Small IQ Bumble (Oak)

Wood / 7 cm


The Original Hoptimists

Gift Ideas

Large Roligan Denmark

Plastic / 22 cm


Small Roligan Sweden

Plastic / 9,5 cm


Small Roligan Denmark

Plastic / 9,5 cm


Small Roligan Norway

Plastic / 9,5 cm


Medium Roligan Norway

Plastic / 14 cm


Selected collections

Danish Design

We are extremely proud that the Hoptimists are part of the great Danish design family today: From Kay Bojesen’s monkey to the PH lamp.

What all the family members have in common is that their design lasts. We relaunched the Hoptimist in 2009, and today the figures are hopping around again in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

When we further develop the design, we do so in the spirit of Ehrenreich. His basic idea was to draw the Hoptimists using a circle and an ellipse, and the classic and the new generation of figures are based on this idea.

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